Mallory Tallas

Director of Creative Service

I have been in the design world for 15 years and have always loved helping people bring their dreams come to life. Creating content is something like a snowstorm; Every snowflake is different but just as beautiful as the next. South Austin was home while I attended St. Edward’s University, but I have lived in Central Texas my entire life. I am a dog mom to Belle Louise, a rescued pit bull who has more so rescued me, and I also proudly hold the title of partner in crime/best friend/ wife extraordinaire to my wonderful husband Adam. Outside of work I love music, travel, and food. Experiencing new places and hunting out the best “locals only” establishments is one of my favorite things to do. Finding inspiration around every corner and in every new adventure is something that never gets old, and the memories that I’ve gathered along the way are the cherries on top!


Belle Louise

I am 6 Years Old 
American Bull Dog 
I came from Williamson County Animal Shelter 
My mom’s favorite thing about me is that I am always down to cuddle 
My favorite thing to do is sleep

Lauren Ramsey

Administrative Specialist

Hi, I’m Lauren Ramsey. I was born and raised in Texas! I have been an administrative specialist for almost 10 years. I am passionate about helping others and creating a fun work environment for all. I am always up for a good challenge, whether it be in business or life. I love being a Mama to two wonderful grown kids and 1 stay at home dog. I also am an avid queso connoisseur of sorts. I love hunting, hiking and anything that keeps me outdoors in the sun!


Spur Kevin Ramsey

I am 1 year old
My mom’s friend posted me and my litter mates on Facebook, and she just had to have me
My mom’s favorite thing about me is that I make her happy
My favorite thing to do is sleep

Faith Fuentes

Digital Specialist + Web Designer

I’ve been in love with any and all designing since I was a kid. Once I left Virginia and came to Texas to attend Texas State University, I fell even harder in love with digital design during my time completing my degree. I am never afraid to step outside of the norm to find a new path, whether that be a simple reach into a new social circle, or even collaborating with colleagues to create an innovative way to complete a task. My main sources of joy spark from my cats, food, and Japanese anime.


Zubbie and Zonker

We are 1 year old
Tabby and Calico
Our mom saw us up for adoption online and rescued us that day
Our mom’s favorite thing about us is that we always make her laugh
Our favorite things to do are sunbathe on the patio and steal hair ties

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